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What is Trademark Attorney?

A trademark attorney (U.S. spelling) or trade mark attorney or agent (UK spelling) is a person who is qualified to act in matters involving trademark law and practice and provide legal advice on trade mark and design matters.

In many countries, most notably the United Kingdom, trade mark attorneys are a separate recognized legal profession, along with solicitors and barristers, and are recognized as lawyers under the Legal Services Act 2007.[1] In other jurisdictions, such as the United States, the profession is less clearly defined, with trademark attorneys being part of the general legal profession. In other words, they are attorneys at law who specialize in trade mark matters. In many countries, trademark attorneys have rights of audience before intellectual property courts,[2] and benefit from attorney–client privilege.[3] Unless they are also members of the general legal profession, as they are in the United States, their right to appear in Court is usually limited to trademark matters.

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We have been assisting entrepreneurs, established businesses and other lawyers with trademarks since 1929. Our team combines outstanding academic qualifications and a wide-ranging legal and technical knowledge which are the basis of Moeller’s high quality services, providing solutions of Trademark Attorney in US & Canada.

Our mission is to provide a one contact solution to a complex region whilst assuring our century-long quality standards at competitive domestic prices.

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