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Here’s How Trees Protect The Land From Extreme Weather Conditions

Growing trees

Trees are important to the environment. They play crucial roles in protecting the land from storms, landslides, and erosion. All this can be inevitable because of a bad weather catastrophe. Trees act as a natural barrier against the effects of the elements. If you want to know how healthy, Growing trees can help protect the land from the weather conditions, then read on.

Trees Reduce The Intensity Of Rain

During a heavy rain, the leaves, branches, and stems of trees all work together to collect some of the water. Majority of what’s left of the rain is then absorbed by the tree itself. Because of this absorption process, the amount of water that reaches the ground is reduced. This means that the rainfall is less intense.

In addition, the water that is absorbed by trees will eventually be expelled into the air through a process known as ‘transpiration.’ This process is another contributing factor to regulating temperatures. It also greatly affects weather patterns. Because of this decrease in rainfall intensity, soil erosion, flash floods, and landslides will be prevented.

Growing trees

Trees Slow Down Water Movement During Floods

During a heavy rainfall, trees absorb some of the water that hits the ground. The excess water then runs off into the streams and rivers. This means that the trees act as natural barriers that stop water from moving too quickly above the ground.

And this slows down its movement, carrying less sediment by the water. This helps prevent land erosion and the buildup of sediment in bodies of water. Also, trees play a vital role for keeping water flowing naturally. This way, it protects the riverbanks from erosion.

Trees Stabilize Soil And Prevent Landslides

The roots of trees keep dirt in place. It stops the tree and the soil from being washed away by strong water current. And because of the trees, it holds the soil together to keep its structure and stability intact.

That is why ever since, planting trees in areas that are prone to landslides is encouraged. This is one way to stabilize the ground and make it less likely that landslides will happen. The trees’ root systems also acts as a barrier from soil erosion caused by the wind. This is especially helpful in areas that experience frequent dust storms.

Growing trees

Trees Help Maintain Biodiversity

The habitats that trees create are home to many different kinds of plants and animals. Trees also help clean the air. They breathe in carbon dioxide and other dangerous gasses, then breathe out oxygen that humans and animals alike can benefit from. Trees also provide shade, which helps lessen the effect of heat and sunlight.

Trees protect the land in so many different ways. The mentioned benefits above are  just some of the many. That is why it is  crucial that planting trees should be encouraged. By growing and taking care of trees, you can do something to protect the environment. Do your part to help improve the quality of life for both people and animals.