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What is Social Media Marketing? What are its benefits?


Hello friends, in this post, we are going to know about social media marketing. If they post photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, many people think they are doing social media marketing, but it is not like that. Let’s go further to know what social media marketing is.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the content created to promote your service or product on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is a robust platform where business can grow if we target our audience.

Social media marketing offers the best way to engage companies with their existing users and reach new ones as they promote their culture, mission, or tone.

How social media marketing works?

The social media marketing works on the principles of SMO(social media optimization). It is a new uprising field of the internet marketing world. To upgrade your service or brand, you have to utilize social media to be in touch with the targeted audience. If you successfully conduct social media marketing, it will increase your business and aid in your brand.

There is five most crucial pillars in social media marketing: Strategy, Planning, and publishing, Listening and engagement, Analytics, and Reporting and Advertising.

Benefits of Social media marketing:

There must be many reasons why people prefer social media marketing so let’s some of them:


Rise Brand Awareness:

In the year 2021, nearly 4.48 billion people use social media globally. There are millions of people on social media, so you can ensure your business is sharing posts related to your product or talking about your company can improve the awareness of your brand on social network.

Generate Leads and improve conversion:

Sharing or promoting on social media can generate leads and improve conversions and lead to an increase in your sale because you are advertising your product through your account.

Some of the ways you can engage your viewer are to create contests, include the link to your website and offers, host live video, etc.

Foster relationship with the customer:

By Engaging and connecting with your social media account follower, you can build a lasting relationship with your customer. You can do this by publishing the post on your account and interacting with the user by questioning and commenting on the post.

Learning from your competitor:

Social media is the great way to reach your targeted audience. So, you can review your competitor’s social media account and know what they are doing and how they are implementing the things.